Fisheating Creek Outpost

Frequently Asked Questions

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This page contains answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Fisheating Creek Outpost. Please call us at 863-675-5999 or email, if you have any other questions.

FAQWhat should I expect when I arrive at Fisheating Creek Outpost?

First, as you drive to Fisheating Creek Outpost you'll notice that we are located a good distance from the large cities on both coasts. The nearest town is Palmdale with limited facilities. Our remoteness allows us to share with you one of the few remaining wild areas north of the Everglades. You can expect to see wildlife. We do have a camp store with many of the items you'll need during your visit. When you arrive at the entrance you can expect to be greeted by our friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Is there much to do in the Palmdale area?

Yes! We have camping, canoeing, kayaking, hiking and scouting adventures at Fisheating Creek. Fishing is always popular and during season, hunting on the Wildlife Management Area is allowed.

Stepping out a little further is Gatorama, about two miles from us. They are Florida's original alligator and crocodile adventure. Gatorama has daily 'gator shows and this is a favorite place for photographers to get up close to the prehistoric beasts. 

Looking for more? Try the for ideas.

How can I make a camping reservation?

You can reserve a campsite by calling us at 863-675-5999.

How can I pay for my campsite?

We accept cash, debit cards, credit cards

Do you allow pets?

We do allow well behaved pets in some areas of the campground. They are not allowed in the buildings, swimming, bathing and food service areas. Pets must be confined, leashed or otherwise under physical control at all times. Service animals are welcome in all areas.

Are you open all year long?

Yes. We're open 365 days a year. Summers can be hot so plan on spending time on the beautiful Fisheating Creek to keep cool. In Southwest Florida our winters are warm but there will be a few days in January that the mercury dips to 40 degrees at night so bring warm clothes if you are visiting during winter months.

Do you allow alcohol?

Alcohol (beer, wine, liquor) may be consumed at your campsite. We do not sell it in the camp store. Please drink responsibly. Drunken behavior that disrupts the peace or endangers others will be reported to the Glades County Sheriff's Department and/or FWCC Law Enforcement.

What about campfires?

Campfires are allowed in the fire rings. You may purchase firewood from the camp store or bring your own pre-cut firewood. Please do not bring chain saws to cut wood at your site. This is a Wildlife Management Area and you may not take any wood or cut any trees from the campground or WMA.

Can I swim in the creek?

Yes, locals have been swimming in the creek for over 100 years. However it is at your own risk. You can also sunbathe and swim at our swimming hole, located at the north end of the campground. This is an ideal location for tent campers!

Do you offer Wi-Fi Internet access?

We do have Wi-Fi at the "Hot Spot".

Why do I have to pay for day use?  

Fisheating Creek Outpost is under contract to Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission to manage the campground. It is not ONLY a campground, but a Recreational Park as well.