Fisheating Creek Outpost

Go Hiking at Fisheating Creek

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Enjoy one of the most beautiful and remote landscapes in Florida. The campground at Fisheating Creek Wildlife Management Area (WMA) can be your base camp as you explore Fisheating Creek and our unique area. Hiking Fisheating Creek WMAIt's a wet wilderness, seasonally flooded when summer rains flow down Fisheating Creek toward Lake Okeechobee and the river of grass we call the Everglades.

  • Hike in a tropical wilderness
  • Follow a lush trail with its infinite shades of green
  • Walk the trails of early Native Americans and European explorers
  • View wildlife including deer, turkey, wild hogs, marsh rabbits, alligators, gopher tortoise and more!
  • Go birding - watch heron, egrets, ibis, eagles, crested caracaras, Florida scrub jays, woodpeckers and more!
  • Discover rich, diverse environments - marsh, cypress swamps, hardwood hammocks, longleaf and slash pine, cutthroat grass and Florida scrub
  • Camp beneath the stars

Florida Trail Association Sub-Chapter

Margaret England, Betty Loomis, Susan Etchey, Mary Rawl and Patty Register have been instrumental in creating a new sub-chapter of the Florida Trail Association for Glades and Hendry counties. This new sub-chapter is focused on group hiking and maintaining walking, biking and canoeing trails in the Fisheating Creek Wildlife Management Area stretching from Palmdale to Lakeport in Glades County, as well as the OK Slough near Felda in Hendry County.

Local Hiking Trails

The Knobby Knee Trail at Fisheating Creek Outpost: This is a 2.0 mile hike through Fisheating Creek's cypress forest, beginning at The Hunter's Gate (west side of campground). There are four stops along the creek, eventually ending at the creek. This loop trail ends back at the starting point.

Download the map (JPG image)

Fort Center Interpretive Nature Trail, Fisheating Creek WMA: The interpretive trail starts at the western edge of Lake Okeechobee from the FWC office along SR 78 in Lakeport, Florida. Turn at Banana Grove Road into the Fisheating Creek Wildlife Management Area and follow the roadway to the office.

Read more about the hiking trail at Fort Center - with photos!

Remember: Always wear protection from the elements and be prepared for mosquitoes. Depending upon the hiking trail selected you can be exposed to sun and inclement weather for long periods of time. Plan accordingly.